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With our design and patterns in place, the next most important part of our garments to address was our padding.  It had to have the right shapesize and feel.  Also, we saw the need for differently shaped padding for women and men.  We wanted removeable and washable padding.  Listening to our potential male customers, we also saw a need to offer choices in the thicknesses of pads.  For women, our pads are injection-moulded specifically to our design and are anatomically correct to fit the natural contours of a woman’s body.  Our pads are covered in a soft mesh fabric that maintains the shape of the pad through wear and washing.  We are also pleased to offer a men’s pouch enhancement pad providing extra protection, comfort and confidence.  We didn’t want our ladies to feel left out, so we are also offering silicone push up pads and silicone nipple covers in our product lines.